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"CXO Breakfast Workshop"
Innoversity launched it's workshop series targeting CXO's. The latest workshop on using AI for decision making was held on the 11th of October at Hilton Residencies Colombo.

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We' re a bunch of discontent self-taught education junkies in a mission to change higher education in Sri Lanka. Our focus is on higher order transferable thinking and giving back the ownership of learning to the learner.

Having tried various experiments with moving from teaching to learning, problem and project based experiential learning, self-directed and collaborative learning, we have a pretty good idea of what's ailing both state and private sector education in Sri Lanka.

Our first pain point is that education cannot be run with a profit making motive. We do believe in growth, and the need to earn profits, but are firmly committed to investing it all back to grow the university we plan to build. In short, our desire is to setup a not-for-profit entity that will be owned by a group of stakeholders committed to seeing the next generation of Sri Lankans as self-motivated, self-starting, self-learners.

We know there are many of you out there who are disrupting markets in various domains, we want you to join us to disrupt education in this country. You, the industry is crucial to the realization of our idea - an idea which we have also stolen from some of you! Apart from the core that would work directly with us, we need a whole army of supporters, who's main focus is elsewhere, but who are as passionate about changing education in Sri Lanka, as much as we are.

We want to deliberately be in start-up mode and hope we won't lose that edge even as we grow. We also value your involvement and that is why we have decided that our funding model would be based on selective crowdfunding. Selective, not based on the size of your financial contribution, but your passion for what we' re passionate about.

If you are ignited by this idea, please get in touch with us by leaving your contact information so that we can get back to you.

PS: If you are more interested in working for us, please see 'Team'.



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